About Us

Our business, based in British Colombia, was started by Mina in honour of her beloved furry child, Ollie. Mina takes pleasure in designing and crafting each pet tag and earring on Tagged By Ollie. She aims to create distinctive, vibrant, and personalized tags for furry babies, believing that these accessories should be just as adorable and customizable as human accessories. Why settle for dull and plain pet ID tags when they can be as vivid and lively as your furry besties? Mina's passion for creativity and customization shines through in every Tagged By Ollie product.

Our pet tags and earrings are crafted by hand, infused with the warmth of our love and creativity. Each piece is meticulously made to ensure quality and attention to detail, resulting in unique and exceptional products that stand out. Our passion for creating these pieces shows in the final result, making them truly special and meaningful accessories for you and your furry friend.

You can also follow our Instagram page @taggedbyollie for shop updates.
Mina + Ollie the assistant